Friday, June 13, 2008

From Laugher to Loser, and More!

I couldn't believe what I was watching last night as the L. A. Lakers fumbled a sure win to the Boston Celtics in Game 4 of the NBA finals. Boston's come-back set some sort of record for that sort of thing. Credit has to be given to the Celtics for what they did in the second half of the game. It was nothing short of amazing. Can you imagine the frustration of Kobe Bryant?

I think one reason we love sports so much is because it often mirrors life. Sometimes you think you'll never make it, but with persistent effort you make it (the thrill of victory). Other times you think you have it made, and everything just comes to pieces (yep, the agony of defeat).

- - - - -

It's neither hot nor particularly windy in Amarillo today. (Here, wind speeds under, say, 25 miles per hour qualify as breezy. More than that, but less than a tornado, is called windy or gusty). Today's high is supposed to be 89. So I rode my bike to the Bible Chair in some of the most beautiful weather I've seen here in a while. Yea! Now if we could just get a soaking rain. Still praying for that. . . . .

- - - - -

We're having Vacation Bible School at the San Jacinto Church of Christ next week. I'm leading the opening and closing assemblies. In between, Michele and I will teach the 4th and 5th grade class. I started going to V.B.S. about 45 years ago. Most summers since then, I've attended or worked in at least one. Some years, I helped to conduct as many as three or four. I love V.B.S. I think it's one of the greatest church traditions ever.



I grew up on VBS. Most of my earliest memories were from SJCC's vbs'. I still remember handing out flyers in the neighborhoods to invite them to come. I remember Glen Walton about to sacrifice me as I played the role of Isaac in an auditorium skit. I remember getting cookies and tart cool aid through the outside kitchen window. There was nothing like a San Jacinto VBS when I was a kid.

Have a great week.

Adam Gonnerman said...

Though I was raised Catholic, my mother always sent me to VBS at the Methodist and Baptist churches (the former was less frequent, the latter was a regular, annual event). It was the Baptists who taught me how to find chapter and verse in the Bible. I had the privilege of telling this to an elderly former VBS teacher from that church at my father's visitation in 2005. She was practically giddy to hear it. VBS is worth it.

preacherman said...

I went to vbs every year.
We have had a great response in our community because of mission vacation Bible schools.

Dee Andrews said...

Hey, Frank -

Glad you had a "good" weather day in Amarillo on Friday. Those are rare in West Texas and the panhandle! We had some rain, finally, here last week and over the weekend and loved that. It had really been dry here, too. But, not, of course like where you are! Here, if the wind should get to be 25 mph, they would call it "gale" force winds! Heehee!

Hope VBS is going well this week. Let us know.

Cheers & Blessings to you all today!