Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blogs to Check Out: Latest Adds

I now have four more deserving names in the sidebar under Some Bloggers I Read. Others belong there too; all in good time. In random order, the new ones are:

Adam Gonnerman, who describes himself as a "once-and-future missionary to Brazil, currently working bivocationally in northern New Jersey with Brazilian immigrants. . . . " He goes on to explain that he has ties to both the Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and the a cappella Churches of Christ. To top off the both-and thing, Adam's blog, Igneous Quill, is written in English, but also includes a bit of Portuguese as well.

Brian Nicklaus, the Blog Prophet. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had met Brian while the two of us were at a men's retreat in Connecticut. Nice guy. The fact that he was looking through used books when we met gave him a certain measure of instant credibility.

Paula Harrington say she's a "a Christian wife and mother of five trying to live for Christ, raise my children for Christ and be who He wants me to be." And if that didn't rate, she's also into Vacation Bible School and is Brian's sister.

John Mark Hicks is a former-and-current teacher of mine. Back in the day, I took several of my classes at Harding Graduate School of Religion with Professor Hicks; and he's still teaching me. He epitomizes what the Churches of Christ need from their college faculty: scholars who know God, who know a lot about Scripture and Creation, who know the good-and-not-so-good history of their people, and who teach and promote what is best among the churches.


Anonymous said...

brian nicklaus

Adam Gonnerman said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention!

ben overby said...

thanks for the heads-up on the blogs!


Anonymous said...

Great! More reading to do...


Frank Bellizzi said...

Susan, you'll like this reading.

Jim Martin said...

I echo everything you said about John Mark's work. I have been blessed greatly by his writing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Frank. I have always respected and honored your ministry, my friend.

John Mark

BTW, who is Jim Martin? I kind of like that guy. :-)