Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Date is Set for Christ's Return

Just in case you hadn't heard, Jesus is coming back . . . . on May 21, 2011. Be sure to mark your calendars.

My favorite part of the story: The article begins with, There are 24 shopping days left till Christmas. And 171 days left until Jesus' second coming. I looked through the comments section for this story. Here are some of the more interesting lines:

What? Jesus is coming back right after graduation? I'm SO done working!

Where are we going? And why are we in this hand basket?

Dangit! That's my dog's birthday. I'm totally going to have to change the theme for her party!

Does this guy also predict winning lottery numbers?

Isn't this strange? What do you think? Is it all a publicity and marketing campaign? Or do you think the people making this prediction are sincere?


Steve Duer said...

So I guess my birthday really is the end of the world. My younger brother had seen that and had asked me if he needed to buy me a gift.

Anonymous said...

I could look at this prediction in the way I am sure most people look at it...'This guy is a little off his rocker and is just setting up Christians to look stupid again when it doesn't happen, because the bible says noone knows the day of Christ's return.' However, I am going to look at like this:
There is no doubt that all of the prophesies have been filled for the rapture to happen, and even though I do not believe in an exact date....this prophetic date has got me looking up more than ever in an exciting anticipation of being joined with my first love. I feel the urgency in my spirit to keep my lantern filled with oil so to speak, and to help others come to Christ as I am led. Is it true? May be, and may be not...but if it has people working out their own salvation with fear and trembling then hopefully it has some purpose:) Thank you for you post! ~Kristy

Frank Bellizzi said...

Hi Kristy. Thank you for your comment.

I have to say, though, that I disagree with your perspective. I don't believe that unfounded predictions, which Christ warned us against, are somehow a good thing. If false claims are somehow necessary in order to get a certain percentage of people to take the Lord's return seriously, then what will happen to those people when the claims are proven to be bogus? With their expectations destroyed and their hopes left unfulfilled, those people will revert to what they were before. Only then, they'll be hardened against the truth of God's Word.

Whatever their motives might be, people who speak falsely in God's name are nto doing us any favors.