Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Thousand-Mile Walk, 500 Years Later

I was intrigued by a short article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal last month. The writer, Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, and her husband have decided to take a long walk together. To be specific, exactly 500 years after the father of the Reformation marched from Erfurt, Germany all the way to Rome, they're going to do it too. The piece is titled, "A Thousand Miles in the Footsteps of Martin Luther." As they go, the couple are writing up their experiences and posting some pictures too. Their blog is called


eirenetheou said...

Sarah Hinlicky has been a remarkably insightful writer for quite a while, given her youth. i've been reading her work in print at least since she was in college. She and her young colleagues have continued and extended Lutheran Forum's intellectual tradition while freshening its interests and presentation. Her decidedly Lutheran "pilgrimage" to Rome will be useful to follow, and we might expect that a provocative book could emerge from it. That appears to be the plan.

God's Peace to you.


Frank Bellizzi said...

Good to hear from you, D. Insightful, as usual.