Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A History Project

Starting in about one month, I plan to dive head-first into one of the following historical studies: Some aspect of . . .

1. Quanah Parker and the Comanches, Texas, and Oklahoma

2. The King James Bible

3. John Glas, Robert Sandeman, and the Sandemanian movement in Great Britain and America

4. Alexander Campbell and his Familiar Lectures on the Pentateuch

5. Italian immigration to the United States in the late nineteenth century.

So what sounds interesting to you? Which one would you pick? Is there a certain bit of history you'd love to explore and just haven't yet? Or maybe you're in the middle of something like that right now. Tell us about it.


eirenetheou said...

In each of these projects you are charging into the middle of an industry -- since each of them is a subsection of an academic-industrial complex -- rather like diving headfirst into a pool of sharks.

Surely you will earn something useful. AC as exegete and expositor of Torah may be the most obscure of these interests, but perhaps also the most immediately productive for your day job and your life in the Church.

God's Peace to you.


Frank Bellizzi said...


You make me laugh. I always appreciate your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I would be most interested in KJV and italian immigration, but that's me

Frank Bellizzi said...

Hi, Brian. I think I'll wind up going with the KJ Bible project, mainly because it will help me prepare for some teaching and writing I want to do for next year, the 400th anniversary of that most significant version.

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Frank I have to agree with brother Don. I think Campbell on the Torah is a great place to park ... if you have not read his Family Culture then I recommend it. Plenty of Genesis stuff there in a most interesting presentation. You will find that Deuteronomy is sadly absent from AC's lectures. That was typical of the day for what they used to call "the second giving of the law."

I hope you got my reply to you on the SC list about David Daniel's work and Donald Brake. Good sources.

Frank Bellizzi said...

Hi, Bobby.

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I did get your recommendations at the RM list regarding the the KJV. I appreciate that too. Always good to hear from you.