Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Inglourious Winter Weather

I'm currently part of a seminar on the Holocaust. So should I rent Inglourious Basterds? Never thought I'd be doing homework with Quentin Tarantino. . . .

Last Thursday's major snow storm continues to be a bit of a problem here in West Texas. As usual, we can use the moisture. But road crews in this part of the country aren't equipped for that much snow. Amarillo received anywhere from about 8 inches to a foot.

Last Saturday, one of my step-daughters had a gymnastics meet in Lubbock. We started out early, thinking that the roads were still pretty bad. We were right. Even the interstate was mostly covered with ice. By the time we made it to our destination, we had been in the car for over three hours and had seen dozens of cars and trucks stuck in the median and ditches. One 18-wheeler was on its side. Michele and I talked about turning around and going home. But we made it to Lubbock and back, safe and sound.

Since then, it hasn't gotten much better here in Amarillo. Side streets, like the one I live on, haven't been plowed, and now look like they could be used for the Olympic mogul competition. On major thoroughfares, snow has been piled up in the middle of the street, as opposed to the side. In some places, the piles are so high, when taking a left turn, you just have to close your eyes, say a prayer, and go for it.

I know, it could be a lot worse. My hometown of Altus, Oklahoma is without electricity. Has been since last Thursday. Word has it that power won't be restored until late this week. But the folks are fine.

Today the sun is shining and it's supposed to reach 47 degrees in West Texas. Let the melting begin! And hurry! I might try to make it to the funeral for the late Global Warming.

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