Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dr. Bill Humble Spoke Last Night

The San Jacinto Church of Christ in Amarillo, my home congregation these days, is having an extended summer series. Each Wednesday night, we get to hear a different visiting speaker.

Last night's presenter was Dr. Bill Humble, speaking about "Archaeology and the Bible." What a pleasure. It was no doubt the sort of presentation he's made many times before. But it wasn't stale in the least.

I don't know Dr. Humble well. We've met only a time or two since he and his wife recently moved to Amarillo, as he explains, to be near a daughter and her family. What I do know is that this bright and, yes, humble man has been such a blessing to the Churches of Christ during his long career as a professor at Abilene Christian University, and as a writer and presenter.

The scope and quality of the work he has done through the years is impressive. I'm confident that thousands of people have been helped along the Way by this good servant. I'm thankful he's spending his latter years in the Texas Panhandle and know that he and his family will be a blessing to the churches here.

Any former students of his out there? People who've gone on a Holy Land tour with him? What books, videos, or lectures of his have been a help to you?

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Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Dr. Humble is a great Christian man. What an example to all of us.