Thursday, February 07, 2008

World Convention 2008

I'm curious. How many of you out there in Blogland are planning to go to the next World Convention?

Maybe you've never heard of it. Until recently, I had only heard of it. And I've never been to one. Here's some information from the official website:

Conventions bring together people from the 'Christian' family of Churches (Christian - Churches of Christ - Disciples) from around the world. The assemblies focus on meaningful worship (including outstanding preaching and inspirational music), learning (with study of significant themes), contemporary evangelism (Bader Lectures) and global fellowship. All ages are catered for. World Convention is the 'flagship' of the churches with their origin in the 19th Century Restoration Movement.

The Convention meets every four years. And I have to say, it certainly is World. In the recent past, it's been held in places like New Zealand, Canada, Australia and, most recently, Brighton, England.

But this time around, the host city is Nashville. The dates: July 30-August 3. Interestingly enough, the Convention has never been held in a Bible Belt city. So I think it's a safe bet that this, the 17th World Convention, will be the biggest ever. By the way, of the three keynote speakers, the one from the Churches of Christ is Mike Cope.

Anyway, my plans for 2008 aren't quite set. But if I can make this big Stone-Campbell Family Get-together, I'm going. Even if you don't go, you might want to check out the website. Look around the links. You'll find that the site contains a good bit of interesting information.

The home page is


Darin L. Hamm said...

I had never heard of it.

Thanks for the information.

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

I would love to but it just will not fit my schedule this year.

Bobby Valentine

Jim Martin said...

I too had never heard of this. Thanks for posting this information.

Frank Bellizzi said...

I've never been to World Convention. And, although I've spent my adult life working among Churches of Christ, I've hardly heard of this event.

I think it's safe to say, this has always been a Disciples of Christ thing. And although I don't think I'd go to the one in New Zealand, if it's as close as Nashville, why not? It should be interesting.