Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fall Classes Offered Through Amarillo Bible Chair

Here's the schedule of classes we're offering at Amarillo College for the upcoming fall semester:

Day Classes

RELG 1301 Old Testament 10:30-11:45 MW

PHIL 1304 World Religions 1:30-2:45 MW

RELG 1302 New Testament 9:00-10:15 TTh

Evening Classes

PHIL 1304 World Religions 7:00-9:45 M

Non-Credit Basic Biblical Hebrew 6:30-830 Tu

All of these classes (except "Basic Biblical Hebrew") may be taken for humanities credit and will apply toward any degree program at Amarillo College.

Students at Amarillo College may choose to major in Religion.

All credit course work is guarenteed to transfer to any college or university in Texas.

Classes may be taken for "Leisure Studies" credit, and anyone is welcome to simply audit a course free of charge.

Pre-registration is underway, and classes begin Monday, August 27, 2007. To enroll, visit the AC website at

For more information, please call and speak with Becky Hugg or Frank Bellizzi at (806) 372-5747, or visit our website at

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I'd love to take a class. Wish I was just a little closer.