Monday, June 18, 2007

Saturday in the Park

Greetings from New Haven, Connecticut. I flew into Hartford on Friday and will be up here for a few days. My Chloe graduates from Rocky Hill High School on Thursday night.

I have to tell you about Saturday. My kids and I have always said that "one of these days" we were going to go to one of the two "Bellizzi" restaurants down in Westchester county New York. Well, Saturday we did it. From Connecticut, we drove down to the "Bellizzi" in Larchmont, NY and had lunch. The place was so nice and the food was terrific. So we were relieved as well as satisfied.

Anyway, we started asking questions and found out we were only a mile or so from the train station. We wound up taking the train down to Grand Central and then caught a cab to Washington Square Park. It was a nice day in New York, which always means a lot of people are going to be out and you're going to see and hear some interesting stuff. Saturday was the best ever.

Among other things, we saw a jazz group with this one guy who played two trumpets at the same time. At another spot, there was a guy playing an electric sitar, accompanied by a friend on drums. Chloe took some pictures and I plan to post a few later this week.

This week I get to take a summer term course at Yale Divinity School: "Christian Leadership in the Early Church: Wisdom of the Great Tradition." I'm looking forward to it and will try to keep you posted about how it's going. I hope you have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Your Saturday sounds great, Frank. Saturday in the park would be a great name for a Chicago song. Oh wait . . . it is!

Cheers! Dee

P. S. What did y'all have to eat at Bellizzi's?


Does sound like a great time. Hope you are well.

soul and culture said...

Wow. Chloe graduating?! Brian Clifford will not believe it.