Monday, April 02, 2007

B-2 and Migraines

For folks who couldn't care less, I promise, this is the last migraine post. I know there's a lot of information out there about migraines. But I wanted to pass along this bit of advice that recently turned up in the syndicated column by "Dr. Gott."

"Dear Dr. Gott: I have suffered for more than 60 years with headaches, and nothing I have tried, until now, has helped me. Years ago, I was told by a doctor that my headaches were true migraines. Later, a neurologist told me after more tests were done (which included a brain scan and more), that my headaches were vascular.

While visiting a doctor in West Virginia, he told me about a conference held on migraines at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville, Va. When the group was asked the best treatment for migraines, the answer was vitamin B-2 (riboflavin). I decided to try it, and I can honestly say that something as simple as a vitamin, with no other treatment added, has almost completely stopped my headaches. I take one 100-milligram tablet each day with a meal, and while I occasionally have very small headaches, they're nothing like I experienced before. For people like me who have suffered most of their lives with bad headaches, I hope they will try this. They've nothing to lose but their headaches.

Dear Reader: Thanks for the tip, which is safe and inexpensive."

I started the B-2 regimen a few days back. We'll see how it goes. Regarding my last post, which was about beef triggering migraines, "Anonymous" reminded me of the whole Oprah episode. Will I be the next one dragged into court by the cattlemen? Maybe so. With the help of Oprah's lawyers, I really think I could handle that. But, if that creepy Tom Cruise ever jumps up and stands on my couch, that's gonna send me over the edge.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, Frank - I'm away for a couple of days and you're stirring up all kinds of trouble there in big time cattle country! Good thing (I guess) you haven't yet tried the 72 oz. steak there in Amarillo yet, or have you? Talk about a huge migraine, if that's what is causing them.

The only migraine I've ever had in my life was when my younger son was born 7 1/2 weeks early when I found out I was diabetic and, interestingly enough, it stopped just as soon as he was born (after I'd been suffering from it for about 24 hours or so).

Interesting stuff . . ..