Monday, March 26, 2007

Bloggers, Books, and Bewilderment

Over the weekend, I took care of some housecleaning here at "Frankly Speaking." There are some new "Bloggers I Like" listed in the sidebar. Welcome, Wade Tannehill, Bobby Valentine, Matt Dabbs, and Royce Ogle! And thanks for your patience.

I also deleted a couple of links, not because I don't like those bloggers anymore, but because they're no longer at it; at least not there. I'll be rearranging and adding to my list again. Before that though, I'll have to correct the links to Dee Andrews and Greg Newton.

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Earlier this month, I mentioned the new book by Stephen Prothero, Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know -- And Doesn't (HarperSanFrancisco, 2007). Recently, Prothero talked with Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show." You can see the interview here.

One of the neat things about being a Bible Chair director is that the major publishers send you their academic catalogs. So I get to keep up with books that are soon to be published. Decisions, decisions.

A few days ago, I was raving about Marilynne Robinson's novel, Gilead. Because I didn't know it at the time, I failed to mention that the book won a Pulitzer Prize. You can find out more about Robinson and Housekeeping, the book that began her fame, here.

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About my previous post, which was about Lenten observance among people in Churches of Christ: Without condemning the practice of Lent (far from it), I do think that questions like this one reflect a much larger set of issues that Churches of Christ seem unwilling to grapple with as we should.

If in the space of my short lifetime a certain practice has gone from being openly condemned to openly embraced by at least some in my group, I naturally wonder, "What changed, and why?"

Mine is essentially the same question raised by the headline of this month's issue of the Christian Chronicle, "Churches face 'identity crisis." You can read the article here.


Matt said...

Thank you for the link. I always appreciate coming here and reading things that get me thinking. I also appreciate your comments as they are always insightful. Take care

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

I am honored by the link. I pray all is well in the high plains of texas.

Bobby Valentine

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

Good grief, Frank, you ARE behind in changing my link to the "new" Wind Vane Chronicles! And it's easy, too. Just

Thanks for your blog and all you write and for all your comments around,too, which I always enjoy reading. You were one of my very first blogging friends and still are!

Cheers! & Blessings! Dee

preacherman said...

I think the identiy Crisis comes becuase the Church of Christ has become to self-centered. I have a new post about what we should re focus on. I belive it should less on self (You hear in alot of churches of Christ "I" think, "I like this kind of worship" "I like this kind of minister" I like this kind of preaching" I like this kind of ministry" "I think" "I want" "I want" "I feel"). Our focus within the churches of Christ have become self-centered instead of focusing on seeking and saving the lost. Instead of focusing on love. Instead of Christ and discipleship. You can read and add to the discussion on my blog if you like.
I still read your blog and love your writtings.
God bless you brother.

Gina said...

Does anyone know of any other triggers for occular migraines? I have cut my episodes down from once a week to once a year now by cutting beef and pork from my diet.