Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blogger Woes

Once there was "Old Blogger." It was frustrating at times. But you came to expect certain problems, and when they cropped up, you weren't surprised and you coped.

Today, I was forced into joining up with "New Blogger." In this case, "New" refers to previously-unknown and more-frustrating problems. Specifically, I have a not-great, but not-that-bad something that I cannot post straight from a Word document. Also, I noticed that some previous personal comments have been downgraded to "anonymous."

Like most lifers in the Church of Christ, I can handle just about any imperfect system, provided it will hold still. Now, like a winter-weary southerner making ready to move away from New England (so he can endure tough winters in Texas?) I'm planning to move "Frankly Speaking" elsewhere.

Suggestions? Advice? Experiences?


James said...

I've heard of a lot of people moving to -- it's free, has a lot of features, can import your existing blogger site, and allows you to export your blog contents at anytime. It's a lot more flexible... I debated about moving my blog, but as yet I've been able to tame most of the blogger-isms that I came across.

Keith Brenton said...

The "downgrading to Anonymous" really ticks me off, too. I've stood by what I say for years as a Blogger blogger ... but apparently not anymore. That is a serious bug that should have been fixed before ANYONE was forced to "New Blogger."