Thursday, December 07, 2006

Making the Grade

We’re nearing the end of finals week at Amarillo College.  That’s right.  Between now and the beginning of 2007, I have no more classes to teach, no more papers to read, no more tests to give, etc.

On the other hand, I do have final grades to figure and turn in, syllabi to revise (and, in some cases, produce), a bunch of administrative chores to do, a report to write, etc.  So don’t be too jealous.

Speaking of grades, one of the hardest things for me to do is to finally give that “F” to the student who deserves nothing better.  When I had to face that for the first time, I was lamenting about it to one of my mentors, Jerry Klein.  He’s one of the former directors of this Bible Chair, and he always has a good response to my questions.  

So there I was, fretting over assigning Fs, when Jerry said:  “Frank, years ago I concluded that for some students making an F is part of the educational process.”  Since then, I’ve repeated that one more than once.  But I’m still thankful that a huge majority of my students score anywhere from A to C.  It’s hard to see someone stumbling through the school of hard knocks.

So, if you had to give yourself a grade for 2006, what would it be?  What was your last F in life?  Did it serve an educational purpose for you?  Any recent As?


Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

I always have hated giving out an "F" as well. But I have done it. SOme students have gotten pretty upset about it ... they are also the ones who typically have done NOTHING (literally).

Bobby Valentine

Chloe! said...

Hi Daddy! Just stopping by your blog! I love You!

Wade Tannehill said...

I’ve always thought that if I could make an “A” in marriage I would be making an “A” in discipleship since the two are interdisciplinary. If we can be Christ-like in our most intimate and unguarded relationships, then we are probably truly Christ-like.

But on the other hand, is it possible to make an “A” in either of those subjects since we are fallible? Is Jesus the only one who ever truly made the grade?

By the way, Frank, I’d give you an “A” in blogging.

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

For myself for 2006, I think I've done pretty well handling everything that's been thrown my way. At the moment though, for a lot of reasons, I'm not sure I'm handling things so well or "making the grade."

It has to do with a tragic family situation that I have no control over and can't do anything about except pray and I have a very heavy heart.

So, y'all please say a little prayer for me that this situation will be better and somehow resolve.

Thanks Frank! Dee

Anonymous said...

Life is never about grades, just tests! One day you make the grade, most days, if you are really trying, you are a "C" at best. Sometimes life is just a continual series of "pop quizzes". All of this is the reason that Jesus's life was the ultimate "A". As for this year, the tests have not been that hard, and if my life would have been a classroom this year, I would have been given fairly high marks! Shari