Friday, February 24, 2006

Back at it

As many a blogger has learned, once you break for a while it's hard to get going again. That's life, right? The law of inertia kicks in. You start other habits.

When it comes to me blogging now, it's especially hard because, . . . well, how do you size up a month's worth of life transition? (That's my recent, unrecorded experience). I just can't write that much, or that well.

Anyway, there aren't too many things that could've jump started me these days. Here's one though. Donald Fagen (one of the two master minds back of the band called Steely Dan) is breaking the silence. You can check out the first few tracks of "Morph the Cat"--the album to be released in March--and sample the later tracks here.

If you give it a chance and take a listen, write back and tell me what you think. My impressions? It's solid and sweet. The music grooves and gives. And as expected, what great musicians he has playing with him. This guy is a genius.


kendanley said...

Just in case you were wondering... some of us do check in from time to time. Welcome back as well as welcome to Amarillo!

Steve Duer said...

Glad you are back in the blogging world.

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

Hey, Frank!

Glad to finally hear from you. Starting out with good music, too. That's cool.

For the record - I've been checking here daily, myself, hoping you'd take the plunge and jump back in. Your sister, Shari, and I have been emailing back and forth a lot because she knows my daughter and son-in-law and the boys there in Wellington, so I've been asking her to tell you hello from us here when she talked with you.

She's really great. That's been fun to keep up with all the latest goings on in Wellington, where my son-in-law, Garth, is burning up the town with lots of unity activities for all the churches. Well - not that the c of C minister is taking part at all (Garth's ministering to the Christian Church), apparently, but everyone else is and people are being reached for the Lord, which is good. It's great, actually.

Plus Garth and Rebecca and John & Keegan love it there and are working really hard and getting to know lots of people. It's been a much better move for them all than any of the rest of the family thought it was going to be. You never know . . .

How are things going there in Amarillo? Good, I hope. We're still puttering along down here in Katrina Zone. And I'm still scooter bound with my broken foot since the first of December, so that's getting really old.

But I'm keeping busy blogging, so you'll have to drop by when you have a bit of time. I'm going great guns with it and topped 10,000 hits about a month or so ago and we're all having a blast.

Good to hear from you. Give my regards to your family and hope you all are doing well. Tom and I are now seriously looking to move out of Slidell up the road back to Picayune, Mississippi, I think, to get further away from hurricanes. We've had it here. Too much too many times.

Cheers! Dee

James said...

Welcome back -- been waiting for your return and to hear that at least you made it to Amarillo and settled safely.