Tuesday, December 27, 2005


The next week of my life will be spent packing. When faced with the prospect of packing, you wonder why you ever decided to move out of a perfectly livable situation.

Describing the "sojourns" of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, one biblical writer recalls that "they lived in tents." That means, "they were always packing." Can you imagine?

I know that once we get settled in Amarillo, I'll get excited about meeting new people and about teaching, etc. And like the mother who forgets or disregards some of the pain of childbirth because of her new gift, I won't be thinking about all the packing then. But today, I'm thinking about packing.

I went to one of those order-your-boxes-on-line sites and came across this statistic: The average move requires the packing of 150 boxes. For some reason, that seems like a low number to me; probably because the statisticians don't realize that after throwing out more junk than I knew I had, it still seems like a lot of stuff.

I know, I know. One eats an elephant one bite at a time. But when was the last time you ate an elephant? And did you ever want to?

Okay, where are those boxes?


Steve Duer said...

Moving secret: Liquor store boxes are great for packing your breakables in. After all that's what they were designed for and have handy dandy dividers.

Plus it's fun to see the CoC preacher go dumpster diving at the local liquor store.

BWT: Thanks for the scripture reference to James' story on my blog. I laughed hard!

Frank Bellizzi said...


Thanks for the tip.

I had all but given up on stores. Years ago, you could walk into the back of any supermarket and get some of those apple or banana boxes (double thick). Anymore, at least here in CT, they won't let anyone but employees back there and they quickly smash, bundle and dispose of all boxes.

So, after I read your comment I remembered a liquor store about a half mile from my house. Of course, this time of year the boxes (champagne, etc.) were stacking up. My car runneth over. Whoo hoo!

Melanie Morales said...

I accidentally stumbled on to your blog. I was actually looking for something else and for some reason your blog came up. I am in Amarillo. The Chisums are really good friends of my parents - and Kay knows my husband quite well from when she worked at the airport.

I was involved with the Bible Chair at TTU and I think that Bible Chairs and those ministries are absolutely wonderful!

Good luck to you with your move. I hope you really enjoy Amarillo.

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

So, are you still packing, Frank?

That should be very interesting when "the brethren" in Amarillo show up at your new house to help you unpack all those liquor and champagne boxes!! They're going to think y'all had a really big (and happy) going away party.

That's as bad as me dragging my sister over to Pinkie's in Abilene, near our mom's house, to buy some brandy (or some such, I don't remember what now) so we could make some homemade tirimisu. Pinkie's is actually a pretty cool place!

Get back to packing. And have fun. I look forward to "seeing" you a lot this next year, too. You should have LOTS of new things to blog about.

Happy New Year to you all!


P. S. When are you leaving to go down to Amarillo? My daughter called me yesterday on her way to Amarillo from Wellington (just south of Shamrock, which is straight east of Amarillo on the old Route 66!). She and her husband were going shopping there because it's the nearest big "town" to Wellington.