Friday, May 14, 2010

FTD, You and UPS Ain't Smellin' So Good

Unbelievable! On Wednesday of last week I ordered Mother's Day flowers for my wife. The order was confirmed by email. A nice arrangement was to be delivered by UPS on Friday.

Thursday night I went to Oklahoma to spend a few days with my folks. Michele was at home with her girls. When I called Friday evening, she didn't say anything about the flowers (which is what she would always mention first, right?). So I started asking questions. No, she hadn't gotten any surprises that day. No flowers had been delivered.

Of course, FTD's customer service was swamped that night. It was Mother's Day weekend. I was tired and didn't stay on the line long enough to get through.

On Saturday, I reached someone who said that, no, FTD had not received an order from me. When I insisted that they had (but that I didn't have my confirmation with me because I was away from home), the person on the other end of the line changed her tune and said that because of high volume the delivery had been delayed until Saturday. Later that night I talked with Michele. Still no flowers. . . .

On Sunday, I had no luck getting through to FTD customer service. Monday morning my week got busy. Finals, figuring and reporting semester grades, etc.

Finally, I got through today. Spoke with someone I could barely understand. After a long wait, I got a scripted "apology" and a promise that my money would be refunded within "five to seven business days." That's it.

Very frustrating. You've been warned.


Wade Tannehill said...

Good thing I never buy flowers.

Frank Bellizzi said...

I'm about to join (or, be added to) the club, Wade.