Thursday, June 04, 2009

Questions about Romans

Next week I get to spend the mornings walking through Paul's Letter to the Romans. The teacher will be Harold Attridge, a fine New Testament scholar. This presents me with a bit of a problem though. Whenever I'm in a class like this, the preacher side and the student side of me conspire to turn me into Mr. Talks-all-the-Time. You know, the guy who's always speaking up in the class. I've been him a few times.

I sometimes get annoyed at students like that in my own classes. I guess being the teacher makes me think that I've finally earned the right to be Mr. Talks-all-the-Time. At any rate, both as a teacher and especially as a student, I have to make a conscious effort to remember that there is a time to speak, and a time to keep your trap shut.

Consequently, I'm trying to identify the one or two things that I really want to ask about, assuming they've not already been covered by the teacher. So what do you think? Name a question or two about Romans that deserve to be raised in class.


preacherman said...

Wonderful post.
I believe that the Roman culture mirrors the American Culture in many ways. There is so much that we can learn from the Romans. Thank you brother for this post and am looking forward to the results of your study. I hope you have a blessed time in this persuit of answers.

Anonymous said...

So you already have all your questions and are asking for more...with the goal of not talking so much? Ha! Good luck.

I have been tempted to talk more than my share a time or two and I have to remind myself of this - No matter how profound I think my question or comment is, there are probably at least 5 people in this room right now with something even better to say that they aren't mentioning (one of them being Attridge in your case :). That is humbling to think about.

Wade Tannehill said...

So what about the New Perspective on Paul?

Keith Brenton said...

So, if anything one might do can be logically determined to be right or wrong, using scripture as a guide, why is Romans 14 there? Was God just kidding, or are there really disputable matters ... things He doesn't really care about?

And if so, what are they? How can you tell?

(Those would be among my top questions.)

Royce Ogle said...

I have to guard against talking too much in every occasion I am afraid.

I like Wade's question. Is Wright right?