Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Beach Boy Week

I'm thinking about my parents this morning. It's their 54th wedding anniversary. What a record of faithfulness through joy and tears, good times and bad. I'm very proud of and thankful for them.
- - - - - -
Nine of our crew splashed around in the Long Island Sound yesterday. Hammonasset Beach in Madison, Connecticut is nice this time of year. I'm glad I live in the day of waterproof spf 30!
- - - - - -
Oh, and the night before? Michele and I got to go cruising in a friend's '61 Vette convertible. A 283 with dual 4-barrels and a 4-speed. Drivin' round, top down. Photos and a Beach Boys song to follow. The friend was driving his other car: a '59 Vette convertible that's even faster. I think he's enjoying his "retirement."

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