Monday, August 27, 2007

Top 10 Reasons You Should Study Biblical Hebrew

Today is the first day of classes at Amarillo College. This is always an exciting time.

There's an Old Testament survey course that begins this morning at 10:30. Tonight at 7:00 is the first meeting for "Introduction to World Religions."

Tomorrow morning we'll start the New Testament class. And a week from tomorrow night is the first meeting for "Basic Biblical Hebrew."

It's not too late for students to sign up for any of these classes.

For those who are on the edge of decision, here are (drum roll, please) the "Top 10 Reasons You Should Study Biblical Hebrew" (with thanks to those who contributed):

10. Saint Peter doesn't know English.

9. If Albert Einstein has something in common with The Three Stooges, it's got to be good.

8. Not study Hebrew? How unorthodox!

7. If you like to start at the back of a book, you'll feel right at home.

6. WWJD?

5. It's the Lord's first language.

4. Nothing clears your throat like pronouncing a "hchet."

3. Ever seen the salaries for rabbis?

2. Barney sings the Hebrew alphabet. Wanna be dumber than him?

1. Gives you four times as much Bible compared to Greek!


Anonymous said...

These are good, Frank! Thanks!


Matt said...

How about "When you get to heaven you won't be like all the other schmoes who are calling Moshe, Moses."

Number 2 is my favorite...did I just say that?

Danny said...

Hey I like this list!


David said...

A great list, but is number five actually true? Didn't Christ speak Aramaic?

Frank Bellizzi said...

Hi, David.

Yeah, Jesus likely spoke Aramaic at home.

I was thinking about God speaking it all into existence. Guessing it was Hebrew. What else?