Friday, September 01, 2006

About Books, 1

Hey! Look at me! I got tagged! Ooh, and by someone whose blog is listed in the sidebar at Mike Cope’s, no less.

Actually, this is the second time I’ve been tagged. The first time, tagged by Steve Duer, I was so out of commission, and I didn’t respond for the longest time. Finally, I started putting together my wise and wonderful response. But that was before I had discovered the straight-from-Word-to-Blogger trick. Of course, I was predestined, working on revision #5 I think it was, to completely lose the post. So I did the mature thing: I cried and quit.

This time, I’m going to respond and tag in installments not for fear of loss (although that would be reason enough), but for the same reasons I haven’t posted anything in the last three weeks. My excuses for the downtime are many and myriad. But they’re mainly about the following:

1. Trips to Oklahoma and New Mexico

2. New and returning faculty stuff. (And because of odd circumstances, I’m both new AND returning).

3. The flurry associated with the first two weeks of school.

The above sort of looks like a syllabus, doesn’t it? That’s significant. Oh, which leads me to ask, Where did we get that weird form where nouns that end in “us” go to “i” in the plural? I’m guessing that came from folks who thought that saying syllabuses sounded silly. Anyway, don’t you know ESL students lvoe that sort of exception to English noun endings.

Okay. Now for that first part of the response to the tag:

1. One book that changed your life: Like most readers of books, I want to say, “Which time?” What I mean is, it seems like different books come along at different times in your life and change the way you think and look at things from that time on.

But if I had to pick only one book, I’d have to say, Jesus—God and Man, by Wolfhart Pannenberg. It was assigned to me during my student days at Harding Graduate School in Memphis. At the time Dr. Doug Brown was the Theology Department there and I signed up for his course on “Christian Evidences.” What a mind-expanding drug that was.

Anyway, I picked the topic “Christology,” and was told by Dr. Brown to read and report on what was then Pannenberg’s magnum opus.

What it did for me? It led me to realize that a Christian--even one who was intellectually-engaged—didn’t need to check his or her brain at the door before worshipping the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I can’t begin to express what a joyful relief that was to me. But when people walk up to authors they’ve never met before, and hug them? I know what that’s about.

I suspect that Jesus—God and Man isn’t read as often as it was before the publication of Tom Wright’s newer book, The Resurrection of the Son of God.

Trust me, if you manage to wade through either one or both of those books, you’ll be glad you did.


Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...


Pannenberg is a deep thinker. I have only skimmed that book but have worked my way through his 2 volume set on Basic Questions in Theology. N.T. Wright is a favorite of mine. Good Selections.

Bobby Valentine
Stoned-Campbell Disciple

Dee O'Neil Andrews said...

Hey, Frank -

Wow is right! On all counts. You get tagged by someone on Mike Cope's link list, which is very short, and by the illustrious Steve Duer and you have an excellent post.

All of which deflates my self esteem a notch . . .. I'm kidding. I'm OKAY with all of those things . . .. Well - sort of.

Actually - I'm glad you have the time and are taking some to post again. (Syllabi, hunh?! "us" singular and "i" plural. Now that REALLY doesn't make sense, does it? Except maybe in latin. In English it really should be "i" singular and "us" plural!! That's my vote, anyways . . . which is plural and means as many different ways you look at it!).

Oh yeah - my self esteem is now up a slight notch. I just noticed that I'm the only woman in your link list. That must mean something.

(Like Tom seriously said the other day - well dead pan expression, anyway - when I was telling him that Greg England had said some very nice things about me on his post of the day - see The Rev's Ramblings last Monday - "Does he know you're a WOMAN?? (as in cofC mentality among many men, including my kids' ex-father)."

P. S. I moved my Blogger digs and it's much better! (See Finding Direction: The New Wind Vane Chronicles.) Avoids all of the bugs you speak of in your post today. So drop by for a visit when you have time and think about switching over. I'll put you in touch with the two wonderful guys who've been helping me.

Check out Greg's blog, too, because he's hilarious and witty and deep. Just like you, Frank!

Cheers! Dee

Jim Martin said...

Doug Brown was very helpful to me at a difficult time in my ministry. He introduced me to a number of the classics of Christian devotion.