Monday, May 09, 2005

Prayer to Start the Week

Soren Kierkegaard lived with a deep sense of humanity's sinfulness, our common need for redemption. It's said that his father spent a lot of time brooding about such things. Like most everything else, theology tends to be a family affair, sometimes adopting, sometimes reacting.

By all accounts, both men lived out their lives under a cloud. What seems clear is that this tendency often got the best of them. In his dispair, Soren sometimes turned to the bottle and then to the brothel.

But then, it's his dour seriousness that gives his writings their weight. It's also the source of his sarcasm and pointed humor. I wonder, how many real prophets would be considered well-adjusted? Aren't they almost always pretty weird?

Anyway, today I'm praying with Soren,

Lord Jesus,

Your love covers the multitude of my sins. So when I am fully aware of my sin, when before the justice of heaven only wrath is pronounced upon me, then you are the only person to whom I can escape.

If I try to cover myself against the guilt of sin and the wrath of heaven, I will be driven to madness. But if I rely on you to cover my sins, I shall find peace and joy.

You suffered and died on the cross to shelter us from our guilt, and take upon yourself the wrath that we deserve. Let me rest under you, and may you transform me into your likeness.



Anonymous said...


Is it really you? From the old days at HUGSR?

Saw your blog listed another place I was browsing and wanted to drop you a note.

You may remember that I went thru a period with less hair than some people you know.

Look for me at my blog, Mythos - just got started this week!
Samuel Clark

Frank Bellizzi said...

Hi, Samuel!

Yes, it's me. Thanks for dropping by and sending word. I've only a moment, but wanted to get back to you as soon as I saw your note. You may e-mail me at